Friday, November 13, 2009

its the end of the world as we know it

i took today off. no sleeping in but i did spend a leisurely morning shopping at Walmart, Dollarama and the grocery store.

got one more Christmas present off my list (Mags), some decorations, outdoor lights which will hopefully go up on Sunday and of course, groceries.

while i was gone, Jay who was also off did some cleaning. at lunch we went to the movies and saw 2012. don't ask, i wanted to see An Education but Jay asked if there were any explosions in it and i had to relent. at least it had John Cusack...

Mom comes down tomorrow, she's brining Dad's compressor so Jay can tack the baseboards done. can't wait until its all done because the kids are missing the playroom. oh and Alison, its beige - boring and safe and neutral but it looks good. it wasn't supposed to be beige but Jay accidentally bought indoor paint for the garage door and of course once tinted you can't take it back and so, the basement is the same colour as our garage door.

ok - its not even 7:30 and i'm exhausted...

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