Monday, October 26, 2009

when its real, you know that its real

i don't think a day goes by when i don't get completely horrified by what is happening to the world around us.

some examples: the balloon boy hoax, jon and kate plus 8, the pics of Miley Cyrus' younger sister Noah on today, the 15 year old swearing like a trucker talking far too loudly on her cell phone on the bus the other night

it all makes me want to take my family and hide out in a cabin in the woods.

of course, i type this while watching Gossip Girl of all things.


  1. Dude, I think about that all of the time! I keep telling Curt I want to runaway to the Mountains in Colorado and get back to basics...well as long as FedEx and UPS deliver, so I can do all of my fab shopping online I guess ;) xoxo

  2. The Noah pictures are beyond. What is wrong with these people? I can't believe people are allowed to do that to their children. Seriously, those balloon people should have their children taken away. Sigh.