Wednesday, October 28, 2009

when i get what i want, i never want it again

Mags actually slept through the entire night last night. i assume that God realized i was at the end of my rope. i didn't even wake up to pee and i had 2 glasses of wine before bed (no, not alone). it was beyond fantastic.

i still don't know what to do about Nate's costume for Halloween. i was going to try to do the wolf suit Max wears in Where the Wild Things Are but i can't sew. so now i'm thinking i'll create a robot costume out of a Pampers box and tin foil. i know i could just buy him something but i'm staging a one person revolution. i never had a store-bought costume growing up and neither did anyone i knew. what ever happened to creativity? originality?

ok, so its partly because i'm cheap but still... not to mention most costumes kind of suck and he doesn't know who a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" or "Spider-Man" are. he likes robots and "diggers" and i think a robot will be easier than trying to turn him into a bulldozer or back-hoe.

thankfully he's not a girl because all they get at the store are princess costumes or the "sexy" version of a nurse, witch, school teacher, police name it. ok, thats mostly the adult costumes but some of the kids ones are pretty sketch too.

i am seriously starting to wish that time machines were real because i really don't like the direction in which this world is headed. back to basics people. has this recession taught you nothing?

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  1. Or how about the healthy people who are trying to sneak into the H1N1 vaccination clinics that are for people with health issues that place them at greater risk? You just want to grab these people and say what the *!@@&# is wrong with you!?
    Don't even get me started about the people using the Olympics as an excuse to air every wacky cause and petty grievance they have. Get a job.