Friday, October 30, 2009

i wanna fight to get it back again

i'm exhausted as usual. as much as i enjoy Fridays, Friday nights are pretty much a write-off.

last night my mom watched the kids while Jay and I went out for dinner. we just went to Jack Astor's. mostly because i had a craving for their garlic bread. seriously, is there anything better than soft white doughy garlic bread? ok well there are some things that are just as good but its up there for sure.

then i had a burger and you know what, it was just as good if not better than the ones at The Works.


ok, enough about food its making me hungry.

tomorrow is of course Halloween and i have yet to create or buy Nate's costume (so much for my one woman revolution). to be honest, i'm just not feeling it. out of all of the "holidays" during the year Halloween is probably my least fave. i used to love pumpkin carving but honestly, now that i have the kids and have to do it, it seems like more of a chore. i think i'll use the drill.

to top it off, its supposed to rain...

we still haven't got our H1N1 flu shots. mostly because apparently we live in the worst run city on the planet. there is currently a 4 hour wait time. can you imagine waiting in a line - outdoors with a one year old and a three year old for 4 freaking hours. yeah, neither can it because seriously, just thinking about it makes my brain bleed.

actually, its not just the city's fault. if the media didn't keep raising the panic level by incessantly talking about it and reporting every time someone dies it might not be so bad. People die from regular influenza every year but you don't hear about that. i bet if you did a survey, half of the people getting the H1N1 shot didn't get a regular shot last year.

in any event, i'm not suggesting H1N1 is not serious, influenza of any type is serious which is why i get my regular shot every year and do intend to get the H1N1 shot as well...eventually. but seriously people, chill out already and let the target groups have their turn. and why the officials continue to let these non-target people through is beyond me...

Ally, thanks for posting!

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