Monday, September 21, 2009

east side love is living in the west end

this am i woke up feeling great and then suddenly i wasn't. i actually had to call in sick because i wasn't about to risk public transit. i took some drugs and they seem to have worked though i haven't had much of an appetite.

didn't seem to affect my energy though. i painted the trim in the bathroom, primed the cabinet for Mag's room, painted the two pillars out front and the garage door. i also vacuumed the entire house.

had a busy weekend too. Jay worked late on Fri night doing a parade for some foreign dignitary so he got Saturday off. I finally got the caulking done in the main bath. we also went to Toys R Us/Babies are us to get Nate & Mag's b-day presents and a shower gift for Colleen.

Nate did surprisingly well even though he didn't get anything he could have immediately. what better time to learn the lesson of delayed gratification. something i need a lesson in myself.

well, its Chuck Bass time.

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