Friday, September 18, 2009

this life is more than ordinary

yesterday it was so beautiful and Jay was off so we took the kids to the local farm/petting zoo.

Nate is now more interested in the farm machinery than the animals. that's ok. Mags seemed to enjoy the adventure. she's so content.

pics of the adventure are on facebook.

i'm currently waiting for them to wake up so we can hit the Walmart anniversary sale bright and early. plan to stock up the pantry and start Christmas shopping a little early. the Tonka Bounce Back Racer that i searched for madly last year is on for 19.00! have to get Nate's snowsuit too. it may seem early but if you want one in a size 4 at a decent price they go quick.

i have pretty much finished my first assignment for class. wasn't too hard but the idea came to me rather quickly. i just have to glue it together and jazz it up a bit. at least all those scrapbooking supplies i have finally came in handy...i shouldn't say that, i plan on doing Mags baby book soon too.

and, i enjoy the scrapbooking i just haven't had the time with everything else going on.

my life may seem banal but i assure you it is extremely busy.

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