Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yeah, this sex is on fire

don't worry, title has nothng to do with the entry - this is not that kind of blog. just the song that happens to be stuck in my head right now.

ugh - been a stressful few days - my own doing. i normally consider myself a smart and responsible person. i normally consider myself financially responsible in the grand scheme of things. but, this house has been a little more than we bargained for. and then, the car that we are trying to get rid of ended up needing new brakes and body-work.

so, it looks like we just paid $800 to essentially give the car away (someone is hopefully taking over the lease within the next few days - just waiting for the paperwork to go through).

there goes our rebate...

of course, none of this would have happened if i wasn't so impulsive. i mean, we could have kept driving mom's van until our lease ran out. we didn't HAVE to get the new car right away.

lesson learned...lesson learned.

i'm now going to have a pity party with a giant bowl of ice-cream.

in other news. Mags is sick...fever and all. poor little girly. she also just cut a new tooth (top).

also, the belted shirt look does not work if you have giant boobs, the shirt is tight and the belt is huge. can you picture it? it was not pretty. it made me wish i was one of those what not to wear hosts so i could have told the girl how awful she looked without feeling guilty.

then i wondered - does anyone ever think the same way about me? i think i dress to conservatively (read: boring) to draw much criticism.

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  1. I hear you on the belted shirt. And I think I'm probably like you most of the time, with my biggest faux pas being running shoes with a skirt for the walk to work. At the Penticton airport on Monday there was a woman with white leggings on and you could see WAY TOO MUCH through them. Don't these people have a mirror?
    Drag about the car. Hope the lease thing finally works out. Work has been not bad this week but I'm still super sick of it and looking forward to a break. I even had a test for another job today. Just keeping my options open.