Monday, August 24, 2009

i could be your cat call too

ugh Mondays...

great weekend though! Fri with Gavin and Tara, Saturday we went to dinner and the movies (Inglorious Basterds - so freaking good) with Rob and Mel. then on Sunday i took Mags to brunch with Alison et al. fun times.

i was going to write this great post on the waitresses (sp?) at Moxie's where we went for dinner but now i'm too lazy to be all hard core feminist boo-hooing about the state of the world.

though, if you've ever been to a Moxie's i'm sure you know exactly what i'm talking about.

waiting for football to come on. its the only thing on tv these days, well aside from Mad Men which i have to wait until tomorrow to watch on Demand because there was no way i was staying up until 11pm last night.

pretty sure we'll be getting rid of the Cobalt this week. after a couple false starts looks like we found someone solid. need to get rid of it too because the plates expire at the end of the month and i don't want to buy new stickers. nor do i want to fork over another lease payment.

another bright spot, we finally got the second half of our eco-energy rebate money (from the ON government) .

life is good.

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  1. My sister just told me about Moxie's and I'm assuming its the same thing you are referring too! WOW!

    Go Cobalt, go...go Cobalt go...out of Dana & Jay's garage ;)