Saturday, August 22, 2009

no hero in her skies

finding friends as an adult is difficult, at least for me. i'm a fairly introverted person, and most people just annoy me so to find someone who has similar interests and is at a similar place in life who i can stand is hard (yes, i know, i have issues!).

trying to find Christian friends is that much harder. first of all, it limits the potentials pool then, out of that limited pool you have to try and find someone with whom you have common interests other than the fact you both happen to believe in Christ.

since Linds and Shane moved we've had a hole in this regard.

enter Tara and Gavin. Tara is the mom who i met at playgroup. she has 4 kids and wants more. when i first met Tara i didn't think we had much in common until of course we started talking. then we started to get the kids together a bit outside of playgroup. and finally last night just the grown-ups got together.

we, well at least Jay and i had a blast, we drank some wine, we played cards and we got to know each other in that great first date sort of way when the conversation is easy and deeper than the usual get to know you crap. Tara and Gavin have had VERY interesting lives. but that is their story to tell not mine.

now Jay and i feel like the girl the morning after that great first date - did they like us? are they going to call again? did they feel the same connection?

this is definitely a friendship we want to pursue.

busy day ahead. getting together with Rob and Mel and heading on a double date for dinner and then to see Inglorious Bastards. then tomorrow its off to brunch with Cali-Ally and possible a visit with Marc and Sarah to finally meet their not so new arrival Lukas.

gee, for someone who complains about not having many friends we sure do have a lot of plans this weekend!

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