Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh, i've got friends

this morning i took Nate to the doc. got a couple scrips for his skin, one an anti-biotic to clear up what is probably a staph infection (because of the open sores from scratching) and the other is an antihistamine (sp?) for at night - stronger than Benedryl.

the poop issue is apparently still not an issue but i think i'm going to have him tested for Celiac etc. when our regular doc is back from holidays just in case.

after we got home Cali-Ally and her ADORABLE daughter came by for lunch and a little play-date. now you know from reading this that i rarely use capital letters. that should tell you something right there.

it was nice. i miss Alison a lot. she is a rare breed for sure. though thoroughly modern of course! i could totally see her in the 50's or 60's because she is so well mannered. the type of friend who never shows up somewhere without a hostess gift. never forgets important dates. polite and refined. a real girl's girl.

kids are currently napping and i am enjoying the peace and quiet though i should probably start thinking about what we might want to have for dinner.

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  1. Re: your condo comment on my blog - I know but I love it while it's here. Maybe with the "economic crisis" it will last for a couple of years.
    Had not one but TWO Ministerial events today. Now enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine. Glad that's over with! Only two more weeks left until vacation.