Thursday, August 27, 2009

i just can't get enough

oh dear.

why can i never stop thinking. plotting. scheming. dreaming.

ok, so technically thinking and dreaming are not really bad things...unless you're me.

i like to browse the real-estate listings. this is probably something i should not do. most people window shop for clothes. me, i browse houses.

and i found a turn of the century beauty in Winchester with original moulding and wood-work. of course, being a turn of the century house its got problems, knob and tube wiring, some structural work and a heck of a lot of wallpaper left over from a make-over circa 1974.

i actually went so far as to call the agent. $35k in needed upgrades not including the cosmetic stuff. however at only 199000 with a most likely price-drop this weekend it could be doable.

ok - the timing is off. i'd have to find new daycare - we would have to sell our house - it would be a pain to get to Algonquin for my courses. it would inevitably cost more money.

it will remain a dream for now...

Mags is still out of sorts but i took the kids to the mall anyway - they were actually fairly good. bought a ton of clothes for Nate at the Children's Place. wasn't crazy about the girl stuff though. too bright. all yellow and turquoise and lime green. at least he's set for fall now and for $135 i got him 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of cords, a button down, two thermal long-sleeve tee's, one reg long-sleeve tee, a polo and the cutest grey plaid military style cap. oh, and a pair of "yoga" pants for Mags. not bad if i say so myself.

still need to get him a fall coat though. they're either ugly or cost a fortune. guess i'll check Joe again.

well, i should go get pretty - meeting Cali-Ally and Lynne for a b-day dinner downtown. still haven't figured out where but thats ok! either sushi or burgers.

can everyone please tell me i'm nuts about the house - like i'm not already in over my head as it is!

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