Thursday, August 27, 2009

you were always on my mind

i may not have a ton of friends but the ones i do have are pretty fantastic. Alison and i are separated by about 3000 miles now. i take Lynne, who actually lives in close proximity, totally for granted and don't see her as much as i should. But, when get together, none of this matters and that's the best.

i had a wonderful birthday dinner (yummy sushi). poor Lynne. though i am perfectly capable of talking about things other than my kids. no, seriously, i am! i am seemingly only capable of this when there are no other mom's in the group. hey, at least we're past the labour stories!

Alison also got me my very first true designer piece. and though i normally pretend not to care about such things, i admit that i'm more than a little bit psyched by my new Coach wristlet.

i drove home feeling very blessed.

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  1. You already posted a new one while I was signing in! Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great night.
    You with the house is like me with the jobs lately. Although, before this recent one it had been a long time for me. How will you get to work, can you take the bus from there? What about if Jay is deployed, how isolated is it? It might be nice to have family close by at that time. I don't remember where Winchester is.