Thursday, August 13, 2009

that and this, these and those

sometimes i see commercials/infomercials for products that i think are laughably (did i make that word up?) ridiculous i.e. the Snuggi. and sometimes i think they are too specific to be truly useful i.e. the package shark.

well, i'm starting to think the package shark is a good idea after spending about 10 minutes with a pair of scissors trying to fight my way into the plastic surrounding my new Stila make-up. my super awesome gifty from Cali-Ally!

speaking of Cali-Ally, we had a great time catching up this evening sitting on a patio having desert. that is, until the mosquitos started attacking. though i generally agree that banning pesticides, herbicides or any kind of cides is a good thing, it is starting to bug me that there are, well, bugs within city limits.

well, i should be off to bed. jay is working tomorrow so its me and the kiddo's. gotta do some groceries with them. at least it gets us out of the house where we've been cooped up with the AC. seriously, we Canadians, never satisfied with the weather. we complain its rainy and cold and when it finally gets warm and the sun shines its too hot.


  1. The Snuggi is truly a laugh isn't it.

    Sounds like us Aussies - unless you live in Qld it is always too cold or too hot!

  2. It was so great hanging out with you...seriously, we were with the bugs for what?? 5min? I'm covered...okay I have about 4 but that seems like a lot! Sorry to hear Stila provided as much frustration as happiness!!! Note to self: Package Shark for Dane's bday ;)heh heh

  3. We have a package shark, although I didn't know that's what it was called. Al got it as part of a Christmas present. I must say it comes in handy. Seriously, do they need to make the packaging so insane you need a special tool to open it. Back from a work trip to Victoria, stayed an extra night.