Saturday, August 15, 2009

we'll get a divorce, find some more models, everything must run its course

deployment has been on Jay's mind since he joined the military 4 years ago. he (or rather we) went on this journey together knowing that there would be absences. that deployment would not only be a possibility but an actual goal to work towards.

some people get this. some people do not. in fact, in the last two days we've/i've had conversations that have run along the lines of "what do you mean he wants to go to Afghanistan?" "don't you know that he could die there" "you would be alone how long?".

i suppose it is out of concern but what it really comes off as is you are either crazy or don't know what you're doing.

first of all, we're well aware of the risks. second, we also have tremendous faith in God/Christ. and while this does not guarantee safety by any means, what it does provide is a sense of peace. this life is not permanent for anyone.

besides, even though he's asked for it doesn't even mean he gets to go.

ok then...

day was good. hot hot hot out - spent some time in the "pool". in-laws came over for dinner and all was great until the dreaded Afghanistan (sp) topic came up.

on my own tomorrow - Jay works and then heads to Kingston with some guys from work to see the U.S. Marines silent drill team perform.

one more day until Mad Men S3! woo hoo

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