Tuesday, August 11, 2009

de ne na na na na, ne na na na na na...

i'm humming a tune in my head but can't remember the actual words right now - its by Kings of Leon.

i'm blogging from work.

i realized last night on the bus home from work that although some things never change, others do and rapidly.

i swear that when i went on mat leave last fall the only people on the bus with Blackberries were the executive types now everyone and their dog seems to have one. as i looked around last night almost everyone was busy thumb-typing away. those that weren't had an iPhones or iPod Touches, one guy was playing on one of those PSP things and another dude was watching How I Met Your Mother on some other fancy device.

i feel inadequate with my regular old cell phone which, btw, i hardly use and my old model Nano.


  1. I know. It's hard to feel like the high-powered executive I am when every second 17 year old has one. :) I rock at thumb typing though.

  2. I have a Blackberry and seriously it changed my life...not sure if it's for the better or worse! Of course, when I started my company it was for "work-only"...but yes I am the Facebook-checking, thumb-typer now! And I love it!!!!

  3. Nope I have not caved yet and I may also be one of the only left on the planet without an iphone....