Sunday, August 9, 2009

life is how it is, not what it was

kids age you. its not just the toll it takes on your body or the stress of added responsibility but the constant reminder that as they get older you get older and the repetition of life events that have long since passed you by.

for instance: this weekend i took the kids up to Deacon for a Kuehl family gathering at "the Lot" which is what we call my aunt and uncle's place because when they first bought it, it was just that, a lot of land on the lake. there's now a cottage but we still call it "the Lot". Anyhow, when we got there on Saturday one of my cousins who is about to turn 14 was attempting to waterski for the first time. this is something that i too learned to do there about 17 years ago at about the same age.

ok, enough of a nostalgia trip for one post, now it is time to complain.

the first night at my parents is always a little rough. kids thrive on routine and as much as you try to keep them too it there are variables you just cannot control. so, Friday night Mags was up every 45 minutes. at 2:45am she stood in her crib bouncing up and down smiling and talking to me. i wanted to strangle her! fortunately, she's pretty freakin cute.

i guess she figured out i was actually in the room with her and that it must mean play-time. i finally ended up on the couch until she fell back asleep before i snuck back in. Last night was a bit of a repeat but at least she only got up once albeit for a whole hour and a half.

she was also terribly clingy this weekend. wanting to be held constantly and not wanting me out of her sight.

work tomorrow is going to feel like a slight vacation.

oh well, this too shall pass!

and i still want a third??...

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  1. Hey. What are your plans for the week after Labour Day? Will you be up in Deacon on the weekend? When will you go back to Ottawa? Trying to figure out when I will see you. I arrive in Ottawa at about 1:00 pm on Monday. I know you'll be heading to Montreal at the end of the week so I won't see you on the way back through.