Thursday, August 6, 2009

i keep making these to do lists but nothing gets crossed out

week one done! does it count as a week if it was only 2 days???

yesterday went a little better, a little smoother, a little faster. i'll be back to my pro-star self in no time!

Mags seems to be a little too into the new routine - up at 6 this am...trying to find the perfect bedtime where they won't be tired if i get them up early but won't be up at the crack of dawn when i want to sleep may be a challenge i can't win.

today we're heading to Tara's (the mom with 4 kids and counting from playgroup) for a playdate. tomorrow i'm taking the kids to my mom & dad's for a family thing. jay has to work so he'll hold down the fort and hopefully get some sleep.

the girl who wants the cobalt sent in her credit check so hopefully it works out and she'll be able to take the lease over. i want my garage back! i have at least 3 unfinished projects to get done. not that i have a lot of time now...

life is going to start getting very busy now - Cali-Ally arrives in town shortly and then Jess comes back for her visit (her flights are finally booked) plus the Penster, plus two baby showers one of which is in Toronto, plus our trip to Montreal, plus my course starting! its all good. idle hands as they say.

ok time to vacuum up the raisin (sp?) bran flakes that Nate and Maggie have crushed into the carpet with bulldozer.

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