Tuesday, August 4, 2009

but what else can we do? get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute

day one is done

not too bad, surprisingly how easy it is to fall back into routine. kids were great and we got out of the house on time. if anything, i got up too early (will remedy that quickly!) Mags only got up once last night so i wasn't even that tired even if i did sort of look like it.

i even got a seat on the bus which was a bonus considering i have to take the first available one whether its standing room only or not if i want to make it in for even close to my 8:00 start time.

had a pretty easy day work-wise mostly just figuring out what's new, where to find things etc. i don't have permanent workstation until i'm full time (i'm sharing right now) so it all kind of feels temporary.

the kids were great today which is always good to hear. makes it a little easier to leave them.

well, i have just enough time to fit in an episode of Mad Men and then its to bed with me.

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