Tuesday, July 7, 2009

you're a real mean mama but you got a lot of time for me

kind of a dull day - woke up to a cold and rainy 13 degrees. supposed to be back into humidex readings by the weekend though at which point we'll all complain its too hot. never satisfied.

went to toys r us today so Nate could pick out a new potty (thinking if he picks it out maybe he'll be more inclined to use it) so of course he picks out the most expensive Baby Bjorn one. At least i've read good things about it and hey, its better than the pink Dora one I thought he pointed to at first.

got strawberries on the way home. in the last 3 weeks i have honestly spent about $50 on strawberries ($9 a basket) but its been totally worth it. the guy said there's maybe a week left in the season.

watched 3 more episodes of Mad Men while Nate was down for his nap. it took a while to get into it but now i'm hooked and it certainly beats any of the reality crap that is currently on the networks.

hoping to get some painting done tonight (the rest of the green in the kitchen) after a strong start i'm kind of burnt out. too much at once.

i'm anxiously awaiting the fall course catalogue (sp?) from Algonquin so I can sign up for a residential decor course. there are 16 of them in the program. i'm also considering working towards a real estate license but i have to do a bit more research - that may be too much of a commitment at this point.

ok - well Nate needs a diaper change (new potty not working so far...) and Maggie is not settling.

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