Monday, July 6, 2009

it's a drag, and a sigh and that's not all

i feel like i've used this title but i'm too lazy to look back and its the lyric that happens to be sticking at the moment. Josh Ritter is awesome.

today was busy starting with a 9:10 Dr. apt for Nate which we were actually on time for! his lump is just a swollen lymph node and nothing to worry about. also got a new scrip for his cortisone because his eczema is out of control at the moment. hmm - can you claim new hardwood floors as a medical necessity?

then i decided to pop into work for a visit since the kids were in good humour. can't believe i'll be back in 4 weeks. in many ways it feels like i never left so i don't think it will take too long to adjust.

i've already let a couple people know that this may be my last year. i'll have to break it to my boss sooner than later. such a delicate balance though because on the one hand what if i change my mind and on the other hand i want to let them know so they can plan on a future without me. sometimes i think i'm too loyal and should just keep my mouth shut and give my two weeks notice if and when the time comes.

when we got home i made the kids lunch got them down for naps and started cleaning because Chantal is coming over for dinner tonight. also got the lasagna ready and a chocolate cake is baking in the oven. see, i could totally be a housewife.

watched some more Mad Men last night. kind of growing on me. there is a large part of that era (furniture aside) that appeals to me. the civility, the formalness (i don't think thats a word but you know what i'm getting at). now, i'm not about to start wearing a house-dress (i like my track pants thank you very much) but it all holds a certain je ne sais quoi (?).

Chantal is here - gotta go.

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  1. Maybe they will make you an offer, like part time. Would you do that?

    The word is formality. I know what you mean in a way. I think over all we are better off on so many levels. But Al and I were just talking last night saying maybe the pendulum has swung too far. Sometimes when I'm watching The Soup and I see what is on TV in America I'm truly appalled. And why is it that you aren't an adult until 30 now? Sigh.