Saturday, July 4, 2009

help me undo these chains my love

the last few days have been unremarkable but busy as usual. more painting (can only fit so much in during the afternoon nap time) groceries, etc.

last night Jay and I started watching Mad Men because the first season is on Demand again. love the mid-century office furniture. like the show. but i sort of feel that some of the writing is a bit contrived when it comes to illustrating how different life in the 50's was.

for instance in one particular episode it shows a little girl playing spaceman with a dry-cleaning bag over her head (and most of her body). the mother's main concern was where the dry-cleaning that came out of it was. another scene showed an adult physically disciplining a child that was not his own. and then there's the smoking...

busy day today. another trip to Home Depot to pick up the rest of the supplies for our fireplace surround. lumber, mortar, grout etc. already did a trip earlier in the week to pick out our tile. (tumbled slate 2x2 mosaic). hope our guy can fit us in this week - anxious to get it done so i can finish painting.

later this afternoon we went out to Carleton Place to visit with Jay's family (from his Dad's side) including two of his half brothers whom we hadn't seen since our wedding 7 years ago! we had a great visit and the kids were both fantastic.

now we're home - kids are in bed and i think we'll be heading there soon.

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  1. We gave Mad Men a try, given all the hype, but didn't really get into it. Maybe for the reasons you point out. Do love the furniture though.
    Sounds like a great day. It's always good when you see people you haven't in a while and it works out OK.
    Looks like both our football teams will suck this year.