Thursday, July 9, 2009

why does it always rain on me

yesterday was so weird weather wise. i swear it would be fully sunny, i would decide we need to take advantage of it and go to the park and just as soon as we would be set to go out the door it would cloud over and start pouring.

on our third attempt we were half-way from home when it started coming down and we had to turn back.

today was much nicer. fully sunny and warm. we went to Tara's in the morning (the mom from playgroup with 4 kids) and the park in the afternoon before dinner. Nate even got to see a small back-hoe in action in the new development around the corner. this was def the highlight of his day.

getting excited to have Jay back (for good on Tues) though this hasn't been so bad.

debating on whether or not to do some painting tonight. i have one little corner left to paint in the kitchen (of the green colour). not feeling particularly energetic though.

tomorrow we're heading to toys r us in the am so i can get Nate a Geo-Trax train set that is on for 50% off. i was looking at it the other day but could not justify the $80 price-tag. i can justify $40. it will even be better if i can somehow distract him from it and not give it to him until his b-day.

i also have to take these silicone bottle sleeves (to go over glass bottles) back. i didn't even look at the price figuring how much could they be. when i got out to the van and looked at my receipt and saw that they were $8.99...each...i just about fell over (i bought 2!). that is pretty much half the cost of Nate's train set.

finished S1 of Mad Men last night. took me about 3 or 4 episodes to really get into it but after that i was totally hooked. hopefully they replay S2 soon.

ok - enough random thoughts for one evening.

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  1. We were originally looking at the four seater. Then decided we had always wanted a high set. Although Al thought it came with four chairs as our goal was to have four matching chairs. Anyway, it's great and the chairs are quite comfortable.