Friday, July 10, 2009

i don't need to be forgiven

great day. no crazy line up at Toys R Us and lots of train sets to be had. got Mags an activity walker thing too of course, all she really wanted to do was grab Nate's train off the track...

went to Rona too to get screws for the deck. of course, they are too small so we'll have to go tomorrow to exchange them.

i could have spent so much money at Rona. i love Rona and Home Depot equally though i like Rona's decor section and lighting a little better. i was good though and got just the screws and a tension rod for our kitchen window.

then on the way home Mags fell asleep so i drove through our hood. it was garbage day and i spotted a piece that caught my fancy. i drove by it about 6 times before deciding to stop. mostly because there was also a moving truck in front of the house so i wasn't sure it was actually garbage.

turns out it was and a nice couple across the street from it helped me get it into the van (sucker weighs a tonne) and even gave me a bungee cord.

i think it is a tv unit but in any event its big, its solid and once its painted and has new hardware on it it will look awesome. now, i just need to figure out where to put it...

well, its miller time. MGD actually.

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