Sunday, July 12, 2009

am i singing you the right tune

just spent about 10 minutes playing "diner" with Nate in which he insisted i squish in the little booth meant for 2-5 year olds. fortunately, i'm pretty much skeletal right now so i sort of did fit though i couldn't get my legs under which seemed to bother him.

oh well, his attention span is short so he's onto his train now.

good weekend - but busy as usual.

had a coffee date with Lynne (finally!) on Saturday and our contractor came to begin work on the fireplace surround. the tile is on now and already it looks fantastic. he's coming tomorrow to do the grout and construct the mantle. so excited. Jay has a little drywall patching to do as well before i can paint to but at least the end is in sight.

Jay also started patching up the multiple holes and dents in the basement so we can get it re-painted as well.

today we watched the race in the morning (well, as much as you can while entertaining the kids) and then went to church.

Jay has his test tomorrow and then he comes home for good! whoo hoo. so excited.

can't believe i only have 3 more full weeks off before heading back to work. the more i talk to people about my stay at home plan the more real it feels and the more excited i get. i'm determined to make it work.

ok - gotta go read Nate some bedtime stories.

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  1. So I guess we are officially the worst team in the CFL seeing as your Ti-cats kicked our ass on Friday night. Dismal game. Still not sure our Club seats are worth it either as they are still having service issues.
    Have you seen this web site - It's all about mid-century modern stuff. Cool.