Tuesday, July 28, 2009

you keep waving at the taxis they keep turning their lights off

Mags screamed for the better part of three hours last night. i don't know what to do. i never had this problem with Nate. i didn't have this problem with her until two months ago. if i nurse her she's usually ok but i can't keep doing that forever and it seems to be sort of backfiring in that she's waking up more often wanting to be nursed. ugh. i'm so tired and stressed and starting to completely regret my going back to work early. i wish i could just quit.

but...i know if i get a decent night sleep i'll feel much better. and, i know once i'm back at work i will actually enjoy it. its just going to be a rough few weeks i think.

on the bright side, i booked my train tickets (and mom and Jess) to Montreal for our annual shopping excursion. this has taken a backseat in the past couple of years due to me being very pregnant or Jess being away so i'm really looking forward to it even if i can't spend nearly what i did past years and most of it will probably be spent on the kids.

because of the VIA rail strike the tickets were 60% off though and mom gets the hotel (a nice 5 star hotel) for a grand total of $36 through her time share so that certainly frees up some fun money.

it will be my first night away from Mags and only my third night away from Nate the first two of which were because i was in the hospital giving birth to Mags.

ok. time to focus on all the positives in life and just be thankful already.

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  1. When are you going to Montreal? I'm planning to be home at the beginning of September so just wondering. It's 7 am and 29 degrees in our house. I'm sweating just standing here typing this.