Monday, August 3, 2009

he said there's nothing i can do for you, you can't do for yourself

finally a summer weekend. hot and a little humid and most of all SUNNY. went to Deacon Friday afternoon. first time we really got to test out the new car. very nice and comfy.

had a great time catching up with Lindsay and Shane. we really miss our boardgame buddies. had a rousing game of Scattagories on Sat night. and yes Jay we apologize for not believing you that there was such a thing as the CLEO awards.

took Mags to the beach for the first time on Sat too. she wasn't overly impressed. this was made worse by the friendly neighbour's dog who kept insisting on shaking off in her immediate vicinity.

Nate had a blast though.

back to work tomorrow. its still kind of surreal to me. maybe because its only 3 days a week so it doesn't quite feel like the real thing or, maybe i'm just in total denial!

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