Monday, July 27, 2009

before we get much older

stayed up way too late last night after discovering that Mad Men season 2 is finally on demand. then Mags was up a ton and here i am again about to do the same...

didn't do too much today.

got a possible hit on Leasebusters for the Cobalt. hopefully it'll pan out as i could do without the added stress of hanging on to it. why oh why do i get myself into these situations. i'm too impulsive and impatient. delayed gratification is not in my vocabulary.

tomorrow is grocery day which is good because i'm running out of ideas. though i must say i did very well on using up what was in the cupboards and freezer. tonight i made burgers but i added pesto and garlic to the ground beef and then when they were frying i topped them off with spinach and shredded mozzarella so the spinach got nice and wilty under the melty cheese. yes, i am aware that neither wilty nor melty are actual words.

uh - gotta go close the window because for the 3rd night in a row a skunk has sprayed in close proximity of the house.

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  1. Hope the leasebusters thing works out. It is insanely hot here. Like the worst it's been since we've been here. Apparently it's some kind of phenomenon that has only happened like three times before, pressure systems, blah, blah. Weird.