Sunday, July 26, 2009

what the world needs now

good weekend all around. Saturday morning we picked up our new car/truck i guess it is actually a CUV. i spent much of my spare time reading the manual and pressing buttons. the coolest feature which i didn't think we had because we didn't get the Nav/Entertainment package is the iPod jack.

seriously, i am probably the worst car buyer ever. i don't care about the engine or performance. all it really needs is an iPod jack and storage cubbies - SOLD.

ok, i care a little about the other stuff but seriously i was psyched. can't wait for the trip to Deacon this weekend to really test it out.

i also got rid of our energy inefficient freezer (gave it to some totally creepy hippie/bushman type dude who answered our ad first). and then i painted the laundry room floor. its just that chip/board stuff and it looks so much better painted - even if i did have to mix a bunch of odds and ends together to get enough paint! its kind of a greyish blueish white.

i also put the remaining peel and stick tiles the previous home owners left around the laundry tub so the floor doesn't rot when i reapeatedly spill water on it while cleaning up paint stuff.
this morning we watched the race and skipped out on church because Mags went down for her nap late.
Jay is on eve's again tonight so after dinner i took the kids for a walk around the hood. the sun was actually shining and it was nice and hot with a great breeze.
speaking of dinner. in a continued effort to use up pantry items i made another throw together meal. inspired by beef and broccoli, honey garlic spare ribs and ribs in black bean sauce i made a stir-fry with black beans, broccoli and two packs of ramen noodles with a sauce made from soy sauce, hot chili-garlic sauce, honey and some actual garlic. it was pretty darn tasty, like i would perfect it and make it again - probably with some more veg and rice noodles or rice as opposed to ramen noodles.
only one week left of complete mat leave before heading back to work. what was i thinking again??? oh well, i know the year will fly by.

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