Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's this real long distance, it's a real long distance call

busy bee as usual. went to get a few groceries yesterday morning and then during nap time i re-arranged the basement layout yet again. this is the 4th time i've done this since we've moved here but i think i finally figured out something that works.

it involved moving the treadmill to the spare room because it takes up so much play space and i prefer listening to music on it as opposed to watching tv. not that i've been using it lately...

today i'm mostly trying to re-organize. i swear every time i move stuff around i find more junk!

i also forgot i had craft duty for tomorrow's playgroup. so, tomorrow the kids will be making 3-flavor ice-cream cones with red buttons for cherries on top. everything pretty much has to be pre-cut anyway so the kids just have to assemble and glue (they're all under 4). fortunately, between the stuff Jess left behind and my seldom used (gotta get Mag's baby book started) scrapbook stuff i managed to find enough materials.

thank goodness this is my last duty. i only ended up having to do craft twice but that was more than enough.

Mags had a bad night again last night and i resorted to bringing her into bed with me. sometimes the need for sleep trumps any and all parenting ideals you may have.

well, i should go get back at it - i need to do a quick clean too. my kitchen floor is disgusting within a day of being mopped between Nate's messy ways and Mags tossing puree'd sweet potatoes around.

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