Monday, June 8, 2009

they cut down the maple tree i carved your name into

i'm so exhausted i feel sick - Mags has been on a wake up multiple times during the night kick for about 2 weeks now. on Thurs it was literally every half hour. it is awful.

went to Deacon on Sat and that night wasn't too bad but last night was brutal again and i'm so freaking crabby and i'm taking it out on my poor little Nate who seems to be extra naughty today.

other than that it was a good visit. and, if there was every any lingering doubt i'm sure that Pennie and Al now totally know they made the right choice in not having children :) i kid, they weren't that bad. actually Nate was really pretty well behaved - just the typical 2yr old stuff.

Mags is trying so hard to crawl, she just can't quite get that one leg going.

Nate is currently sleeping off some benedryl. he has so many bug bites he looks slightly deformed. his forehead, his ears, his eye. poor little guy just didn't want to play outside and the kids bug spray without DEET is pretty much useless.

Jess is back in HK - hopefully will get to catch up with her tonight. just a couple more months and she'll be back in Canada for a visit. i also just realized i only have 4 months of mat leave left which still kind of sounds like a lot but at the rate the weeks seem to fly by lately it won't be long.

well, i have to start thinking about making some kind of supper.

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  1. Connected again! In TO. Had a great lunch with my old friend Bev. The kids were not bad at all. It did remind me of how much hard work it is to be a parent. Kudos to you. I hope Nate's bug bites are better - poor thing. And that Maggie's sleeping better soon.