Monday, June 1, 2009

hey that's no way to say goodbye

so Jay seems obsessed with getting Nate potty trained. me, i could care less. so Jay found some videos on YouTube one of which is called Once Upon A Potty (based on the book of the same name).

well, Nate is now obsessed with making "wee wee" and "poo poo" in the potty like "Joshua" only either he still doesn't know how to let go on demand or just hasn't picked the right times because that poor kid sat on the potty for half an hour this morning and about an hour this aft to no avail. oh well, it is a start.

Lindsay came over today too. she's in town with her hubby Shane for the week. we had a great visit. i miss her a great deal, and Shane too. Jay and i were getting very close with them before they moved up north to Timmins. she's one of the 4 people i was very close with who left within the span of a year (Ally, Chantal, Jess and Linds). she also happens to be my cousin.

Mags had another good sleep day and went down easy again tonight. there were a few interruptions last night but better than the couple previous ones so dare i say we are back on track.

might have to go grocery shopping tomorrow - yes, i did just go on Friday but the problem with shopping at the superstore is that i seem to keep buying more clothes than food!

oh - and here's a story about my 10+ years long moment of stupidity.

back when my dad was on this low cholesterol diet and "they" still thought eggs were bad for that sort of thing my mother found a recipe for a chocolate cake that was egg-less. egg-less chocolate cake if you will. its nothing fancy, just a loaf style cake but it is chocolatey (sp? word?) and incredibly moist.

i've made it many times since i've moved away from home though it never did turn out quite like my moms or my sister's still good but never quite rose the same and was always lighter in colour. well, as i was reading the recipe the other day i finally realized that it calls for baking SODA and not POWDER. oops! well, that explains a lot.

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