Thursday, May 14, 2009

you asked the cleanest boy you found

ugh - both kids were up at 5:56am. and, i had stayed up until 11 watching Lost and was so wired after watching (that show just keeps on amazing me) that i didn't fall asleep until closer to 12 and then Mags was up at 12:43 and 4:08.

oh well, coffee to the rescue yet again. today i've decided no projects, no major cleaning etc. i will relax during their naps.

yesterday afternoon we were at the park and there were a few caregivers there with kids and parents started to come by and pick them up and it sort of dawned on me that in 5 short months that will be me - picking my kids up at someone elses house. For the first time ever it sort of struck a chord with me (maybe its the Zoloft)

i like my job and i don't want to give it up but i am seriously considering dropping to 4 days if they'll allow me and if we can swing it financially.

in other big news (big for me because i, of course, generally dislike people) i have set up a playdate with one of the other moms from playgroup. the one with 4 kids who wants more. i think we might actually have some things in common. kind of excited plus it is great to get out.

well we're heading up to Deacon tomorrow so i'll be off the net for a few days. been spending much less time on here anyway since i have to come into the basement and use the unbearably slow desktop (Jay took the laptop with him).


  1. How you are doing it with two I don't seems to rescue me each morning and I have one, a hubby at home and rarely in bed later than 10pm...bowing down to Dana!

    Oooo I seriously think you should go down to 4 days if they'll allow it...and maybe take the Wednesday off...or Monday...everyone says they want Fridays off but I disagree, Fridays are kind of fun at work - everyone excited for the weekend, shopping/group lunches, sneaking out 5 minutes before "the bell"...yeah don't go for Fridays off ;)

    Wish I was there, we'd have playdates so often you'd be sick of Sades and I! I'm so happy you'll still be off in August - yey!


  2. ps just for the record, you are making up my new running mix...I read the titles to your blogs and am like OH MY GOSH I haven't heard that song in so long...occasionally I even think to myself, what the heck is the name of that song :)

    Sometimes you need to run to some darker music...pop will only do on certain days...