Sunday, May 17, 2009

and so it is, just like you said it should be

busy weekend - was up early on Friday and on the road to Deacon by 10:30am. weather was beautiful and Nate played outside with the hose all day.

got a surprise when Jay showed up around 2:00 (wasn't expecting him until much later). unfortunately, the kids did not sleep well all weekend. actually thats not the truth - they had fantastic naps but seemed to tag team for night wakings.

on Saturday (what was supposed to be yard sale day) it poured and poured and poured. we didn't bother going ahead with it but Angie came down and bought all Nate's winter stuff and Amy (Derek's wife) bought what was left of Nate's baby stuff (sleepers etc.) so i still made $50. i didn't really care about making money, the main priority was to purge. i packed up what was left and to send to the missionary's in Angola that our chapel supports.

we went out for Chinese food and Nate threw a tantrum in the restaurant - he was so freaking cranky from the million bug bites and lack of sleep. fun times.

came home pretty much first thing this am so i could get groceries done and Jay could have a night at home too.

i just read this post back and realized how boring it was - sorry for wasting 3 minutes of your life!

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  1. Too bad the yard sale didn't work out. I know Mom was looking forward to selling all her plants. We thought we might go up to the lot Saturday but ended up staying in town and doing a bunch of gardening. Also looked for an ottoman with storage to go where the TV stand used to be.
    I'm coming home on June 4, heading up to Deacon on the 5th and staying until the 8th. Can you tell your Mom if you're talking to her? It's hard to find a time to get a phone call in with the time difference.