Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and after all that we've been through

two days in a row i've ventured out and about with the kids in tow.

today we went to the bank (super exciting i know but i had $67 in change to cash in) and then to the mall so i could buy my mom a charm for her bracelet (belated mother's day gift) and i wanted to check out bedding at Zellers (had nothing).

Nate was super good so i got him a Tonka bulldozer. he hasn't let go of it since and he's even sleeping with it.

tomorrow is playgroup - thankfully an activity that won't cost money.

things are good but i find i'm beyond exhausted once Nate is down. i don't really rest during their naps because thats when i can get a little house work done etc. i have to say it is easier to keep the house clean without Jay here dropping his bags in the living room, leaving yogurt containers in the family room and dirty socks well, everywhere.

well, i have to put new sheets on the bed, get my coffee ready to go in the am and turn on the dishwasher and then just maybe i'll relax for a bit.

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  1. Of course you're exhausted! It's hard work. I'm exhausted just after working all day and cooking supper. Especially now that I often work until 5 or 5:30. I know for some people that wouldn't be long but compared to pretty much guaranteed 8-4, slightly before 8 to past 5 is hard. Plus when we're away for the weekend I don't shop for the week and have to buy supper each night. But compared to parenting that is nothing. Course I'm also old. :) So I get points there.