Tuesday, May 12, 2009

time, baby to pull it together, turn yourself back around

today was a first, the first time i took both Nate and Mags out of the house (other than the park) by myself - Mags is 7 months old, how crazy is that?

i just found the thought of it daunting and avoided it at all costs but since Jay is gone i no longer have the luxury. i don't know what i was so worried about.

you know what got me out of the house with the both of them? why shopping of course. Jay will probably want to kill me. i had some gift cards and certficates for Rona and i wanted to get some painting supplies. well, i got the painting supplies but i also bought new curtains for the bedroom...

we had deep purple ones as we were sort of going for a dark and dramatic look but i could never pull it together. now i have a vision and its more light and airy than dark and dramatic and the curtains are awesome.

when i'm all done everything i'll post some pics but i need more money before i can continue with my plans - so, it may be a little while!

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