Monday, May 11, 2009

i'm so happy cause today i found my friends, they're in my head

day two sans Jay.

things are good, a little mundane but good.

Jay left at 10:00am yesterday so there wasn't much of a mother's day celebration but i did get two lovely cards, one from Jay and one from "Nate & Mags". Nate scratched out Mags name on it - too funny and i hope completely unintentional.

i went out to Alta Vista yesterday to pick up the chairs i found online. they are perfect. they are now in the living room which is starting to finally look like the picture in my head.

the Sears tech came today to inspect the fireplace. everything is ok as it was only the outer box and not the firebox iteself that was damaged and there are no carbon monoxide leaks. happy to put the whole mess behind us and move forward with the renos.

well, i should go be productive. i must say the house is already staying tidier without him and i definitely sleep better but i do miss the laptop and having a shower. think i can go the whole week? just kidding, i will have one tonight but only because i want to hit IKEA and possibly RONA tomorrow and my inlaws are possibly coming over.

Nate and Mags sort of have great grandparents they have yet to meet. i say sort of because they are Jay's mom's common-law husband's parents and therefore not actually related to any of us. i have actually never met them either. so, that is the potential plan for tomorrow afternoon since they are in town.

ok - i already said i should go be productive so now i'm going to do that.

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