Saturday, May 9, 2009

but i can guarantee

last Jay day...

had the yard sale this morning - didn't get near the amount of traffic i was expecting but i still made $85 for stuff i neither want nor need anymore so i guess that's ok. i'm carting the left-overs up to Deacon next weekend to try my luck again.

didn't do much after lunch. tried to get a bit of cleaning done etc. because i function much better in a clean, organized house and i know i won't have the opportunity to do it as well when Jay isn't around. on the other hand i also won't have to worry about his messy ways!

tomorrow after Jay leaves i'm heading out to pick up some chairs i found online. they aren't Eames but they are from the same period and they are a fraction of the cost and they are going to look fabulous in the living room. it is inspiring me to get my coffee table painted.

now I'm on the hunt for a sunburst mirror or clock.

Nate has been pretty awesome the past few days. Jay brought chips home (a curse on him!) and Nate wanted some so I got him a little bowl. Then he looked at me and said "share with mommy" it totally made me melt.

Mags is doing great too - she's sitting up on her own fairly well now and she keeps getting up on all fours so i have a feeling the crawling is going to happen sooner than later. i sort of feel like i'm neglecting her at times because Nate seems to need so much attention. though, i think this is true of most second siblings.

maybe i'll start her scrapbook (baby book) soon. Jess was always upset that i had a baby book and she didn't and made me promise to do one for Mags.

ok - its only 8:30 but i'm wicked tired and i need a good night's sleep.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like you had a pretty good one. We went up to the lot yesterday for an overnight. It was quite nice here and we had a good time. We bought a new propane stove with an oven, which expands our dining options considerably (check out the pic on our blog). This morning we had Pillsbury crescent rolls -mmm. Don't think about the fat grams.