Friday, May 8, 2009

the rules of engagement are hard to endorse

The chimney saga continues. Company B phoned Company A who basically told Company B to go to heck. And while Company B is sympathetic to our situation, they still believe it is Company A's fault. As you can see this gets us nowhere...

I have actually sought legal advice (thank goodness I work for the most awesome law firm on the planet) in the event we can't resolve this.

Company A is actually coming on Monday to inspect the FP and if it is still safe to operate I will forget about the entire ordeal so, please pray for that.

Busy day again yesterday. Did some more landscaping out front. Jay pulled all of the dandelions and we put down some more grass seed. We just need flowers to finish it off now. I got some pricing done on my yard sale items. I picked up a piece of furniture (a server that's going in the kitchen where the microwave cart is) from my Aunt Judie's friends.

Today we have to take our old hot water tank back, go grocery shopping, pick up Jay's DU's from the drycleaner, take the van into the shop to finally get the winter tires off.

No time for fun these days. What is fun again?

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