Friday, May 22, 2009

she had a messy bedroom on the edge of town

sometimes i take on too much and burn myself out. i may have mentioned this before but i have a problem relaxing - especially during the day.

so my week pretty much went like this get up with Mags at 5:45ish and put her back to bed, make coffee, get a coat on the coffee table, get a coat on the cabinet, Mags is back up so get her breakfast then Nate is up so get him breakfast then get everyone dressed etc. if we're going somewhere.

Tuesday it was a playdate, Wed it was Home Depot, Thurs was playgroup and today was groceries, Toys R Us and Homesense.

today i also had 2 contractors come by to check things out.

no wonder i'm exhausted.

speaking of Homesense, i don't know what posessed me to go. after picking up Nate's sandbox at Toys R Us i thought we would give it a try. First of all, worst possible place to take a 2.5 year old which i knew going in but was totally prepared to leave. i think we lasted 5 minutes but he was way too touchy feely. but of course, while we were in there i saw so many beautiful shiny things i needed to have so when Jay got back from Kingston tonight i basically said see ya, i'm off to Homesense.

so, i went back and bought nothing because i really didn't need anything and the beautiful lamps i saw were not so beautiful up close and had they been $20 each i would have picked them up but they were still $70 and there is no point shopping for "accessories" until i'm done painting etc.

Mags is being a terror - she has been up at least 3 times a night all week and 5 times last night.

tomorrow i have a few more groceries to do and Jay's mom and aunt are coming for dinner - i think we're doing take out thankfully because i forgot all about it and don't want to make anything.

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading your week! I hope Maggie is sleeping better...teeth maybe?!?