Sunday, May 24, 2009

its a beautiful day

its Sunday am 8:30ish i think. i'm on the deck with Mags watching the Monaco GP through the open patio door. Jay is digging out weeds with his new toy, i mean "tool" the Fiskars weeder (it really works) and Nate is playing in his new sandbox.

Mags is trying so hard to crawl - she gets on all forurs and moves forward and backward without actually moving anywhere. it won't be long.

yesterday was good but very busy. i went to Lee Valley Tools to get new hinges and knobs for my newly finished cabinet (just have to hang the doors now) and also went to IKEA to get new shades for my re-purposed bedroom lamps (sprayed glossy black with simple white shades). while at IKEA i could not help myself so i also got a couple new pillows for the bedroom and our new dresser. to be fair, we needed a new once since our old one - a hand me down that got lots of use - recently went out to the curb.

Jay's mom and aunt also came by for a visit yesterday afternoon - was nice. I really like Jay's aunt. had some pizza for dinner - good times.

today we're hoping to go to Church (if Mags cooperates nap wise) and then i'm having a long over-due visit with Lynne this aft.

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  1. I can't wait to see pics of all of your "renos/redecor" - you've got such a great style! Hope you had a lovely visit with Lynne