Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dashing through the snow

ok not quite but brrr it is cold here this morning - i actually had to turn the heat on. we had a frost warning last night (looks like my flowers are ok) and its only about 4 out right now.

good day yesterday, had our new realtor come over to assess current market value and give us some guidance on our reno wish list. we're totally on track which is always good to hear and because we got the house for such a good deal we're probably already looking at a 20-30k profit and if we do our renos potentially 40-50k. of course, the longer we wait to sell the better and hopefully we won't have to for at least 5 years.

got the last coat of paint on my coffee table - just have to do the poly-urathane (sp??) today so its finish is more durable. looks fantastic. as i was watching the Monaco GP and they showed shots of the Medditeranian (sp?) i thought to myself hey - the water is the same colour as the new table.

today we're having our first post eco/energy audit inspection where they come and check out the upgrades we've done thus far (furnace and water tank) which will allow us to apply for our rebates. once we get that money back we'll do some more upgrades and have another inspection to apply for further rebates. you're not making your money back but it is a great incentive if you have to have stuff like the furnace done anyway. we'll be getting back just under 2k for what we've done so far.

well - kids will be up soon so i better get busy.

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