Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blame it on the rain

must be the rain - kids schedules are all off today - Nate didn't go down for his nap until 2:00 (usually its noonish) and Mags is down for her third nap of the day. hopefully i'm not in for a bad/late night...

so, i was denied my 4 day week request yesterday. this has prompted a lot of soul searching in a very short amount of time but i think i know what i want to do. i'm going to go back for my year (partly to avoid paying back my top up) and then re-evaluate. this will give Jay and i an opportunity to try and bank some money, see how i feel about working vs being at home etc.

i am also going to start taking some part time courses from Algonquin in residential design/decor. this is something i've always thought of doing but the practical side of me has always held me back i.e. taking management courses instead. i think its time to do something just for me. i've missed the deadline for the spring/summer semester but will get on the road in the fall.

i'm also starting to think that i'm not done having kids. bizzare, i know, coming from the women who has taken a long long time to warm up to the idea of being a mom. look out jon and kate (i'm totally kidding i think 3 is tops and no, i don't actually watch that show).

well, i'm going to go see if my branches are dry. i was watching a design show yesterday where they attached twigs to a chandelier and sprayed the whole thing white - so cool. i'm not doing that...yet...but i did spray a bunch of twigs from our maple (that fell during windy days - i'm no tree wrecker) black (left over from my re-purposed lamps) and i'm going to put them in a white vase and put it in our bedroom.

out of all of my new years endeavours being more creative is definitely winning. being fiscally responsible - not so much if we go ahead with our planned renos but i also consider house stuff an investment and i know that on the bathroom we'll make our money back.

oh - i also did some do it yourself art with the left over coffee table paint and some canvases (sp?) i bought ages ago. jackson pollock inspired because i'm not very talented. once i hang them tonight i'll take pics of the room.

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  1. I think it's a great idea for you to take those design courses. You know even if you don't end up using them as credentials in the job market, it is good to continuously learn. I took all those accounting courses and they never really "got" me anything professionally but I often use what I learned even if it's just reading the newspaper. Same with my public admin diploma, I found it interesting and that's enough for me.

    Also kudos on the creative stuff, I must come see when in town. I started out OK when Al was gone, finishing up a bunch of things I had started. But falling off now between work and weekends at the lot. Maybe a winter thing for me.

    Look forward to seeing you next week.