Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i'd like to be under the sea

busy day again - Mags was up early (just before 6) but i put her back to bed so i could have a shower and she slept until 9:00. Nate slept until about 7:30 so i had a bit of a break this am. actually finished the first coat of primer on the coffee table. think i'll do one more.

we went on a mini-adventure to Home Depot to buy paint for the coffee table. a very brilliant turquoise colour called lagoon. also got some minwax stain for my cabinet that i bought at a junk shop when i was pregnant with Nate and then left at my parents because the car wasn't big enough to bring it home and, well, then i forgot about it.

fortunately, it was stored safely in the old chicken coop so i hauled it out and home. i have to do a couple repairs to it too so i finally got to use my new hand saw (just the manual kind) today.

when i'm done i'm hoping to put it in the upstairs hall but it may be a tad too big - we'll see - because i really don't have any other place for it and i do love it.

had the first contractor come by today. can i just hire him? i won't (well, not before interviewing a few others at least) but this whole thing is exhausting - i can see why people just sort of give up and hire the first guy they meet. will hopefully have a couple meetings set up next week.

i also sort of wonder what i'm getting us into as these things tend to snowball and we will have to put any major renos on the LOC. i'm sort of thinking about getting an appraisal done so we don't over-improve for the length of time we intend to be here especially considering the current economy. Ottawa at least still seems to have a very stable real estate market.

oh...decisions, decisions

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