Saturday, May 2, 2009

is someone getting the best of you

this morning while playing downstairs with the kids i discovered that i forgot to purge the two dressers that act as our tv unit.

they mostly act as junk drawers but a couple held boxes of cds and dvds. i miss buying cds, downloading and burning a generic disc is just not the same as peeling off the cellophane and reading the lyrics and liner notes. however i don't miss the space they take up.

had a good trip down memory lane and discovered some oldies but goodies (i.e. the Hip's Road Apples) i have yet to download/upload/import (whatever you call it) to iTunes.

its funny, i know that cally-ally is looking to move into a bigger space because they are running out of room and while more space can be important (especially when you have kids) it just seems that the more room you have the more stuff you accumulate and the cycle continues.

i think that once the yard sale is done and we acquire the rest of the essentials (i.e. we still need some furniture) we are going to have to adopt the if you want something new you have to get rid of something old first moto.

i also find that its staying organized, not getting organized that's the hard part.

both kids are down for a nap (yay nate!) so i'm going to take advantage of it and finally get my teeth brushed.

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  1. Living in 1000 square feet forces you to do the new in, old out thing pretty regularly. Currently have two bags ready for the Salvation Army after a pretty good spring purge. While there are times I wish I could save some stuff, mostly it's good.
    Speaking of the trip down memory lane, when I built the new Ikea wall unit and emptied the old one, I had to move all these tapes. YES cassette tapes. Imagine. It was too overwhelming to purge on my own but it's something we must do. We probably have most of anything we'd still want in another format by now.
    Didn't make it to the lot. Time and weather intervened.