Friday, May 1, 2009

don't need you, i want you

what a fabulous day. started off rainy (and at 6:30am) but the sun came out and it warmed up and Nate actually napped!

he's been so good today, so cute, so awesome - remind me of this day when I say I am contemplating a third child.

I got lots of work done today. I totally cleaned, swept out and finishing reorganizing the garage in prep for the sale next weekend (yep, its here not Deacon) in the event it is raining and we can't be out on the driveway.

unfortunately, in doing so i discovered that some of the concrete is deteriorating. i did a little research online and it doesn't seem like it is a huge problem but one that needs to be fixed before it escalates for sure. the joys of home ownership! while i think it is important to maintain your home i am sad that all of this "infrastructure" work is taking away from the flooring/ensuite/eames chair fund.

well, i should go and start prepping dinner - Island Pork with Mango and jerk seasoning. A little less jerk than last time though because whoa that stuff is spi-cy.


  1. holy crow girl...can I get 1/2 of your energy?!?!? So happy to hear you had a great day today and Nate was cooperating - funny how they can make or break our day!!!!


  2. The infrastructure spending is demoralizing. Like last year when we had the plumbing assessment. SO not fun. But it is a thing that must be done, spending some now is better than spending more later. Glad you had a good day. I am WAY too busy. We wanted to go up to the lot tonight because it's so nice but just couldn't get away in time for the ferry we wanted. We'll go tomorrow, but maybe just for the day depending on weather.