Sunday, May 3, 2009

look at the stars, look how they shine for you

so tired...was up at 5:30 this am because I couldn't get back to sleep after Jay's alarm and I wanted to have a shower too.

weird day - Nate napped again but this morning from 10:30 until 1:30. our trip to the park in the am must have worn him out.

speaking of which when we got to the park this morning it was graffitied with the words "white power" down the side and sliding surface of the slide. No one else was around (it was 7:45am after all) so I called the city to report it. partly because i don't want graffiti where Nate plays and the racially charged slogan was a little unsettling.

the police came about 20 minutes later and asked me a few questions i.e. was it there yesterday etc. apparently some kids went on quite a spree last night, there was also a swastika painted on the school, two other parks were vandelized and a car had a can of paint dumped on it.

i know some of the parks in the newer sections of Bridlewood have been problem areas for kids partying etc. but our area of the hood is more mature and established and we usually don't have any problems with broken bottles, graffiti etc. in park. hopefully it was a one-off situation.

it also makes me think about the kids growing up. i'm not so naive to think that my kids will never get in any kind of trouble but i hope i can raise them better than the kind of kid who sprays "white power" down a pre-school play structure.

while Nate and Mags were down for naps today I tackled my closet (for the second time - i was ruthless), my dresser and my night-stand junk drawer. I had to ask myself how many ripped and stained tank tops does one really need. I find it so funny how i can so easily get rid of some things yet have a hard time throwing out ratty tank tops - cause you know i might need them for painting shirts - all freakin 8 of them.

my underwear and sock drawers were also in a sorry state. i'll spare you the details.

i finally, finally think i'm finished my purge. i've gone through every closet, storage bin, cupboard and drawer twice.

the one thing i can't bring myself to chuck is a box full of movie ticket stubs. i have a stub for 95% of the movies i've seen in the theatre from high-school until now. every now and then i go through it and remanice/remanisce. I actually used to write on the backs who i saw the movie with though even without it i could still probably tell you most of them. of course, there is also the odd one that i seriously don't remember seeing. I also have tickets from every football,and hockey game and concert i have ever been too. At least they don't take up too much space!

we were at the in-laws for dinner tonight. nice visit but Mags missed her afternoon nap so she was very tired and a bit cranky. i much prefer when they come here just because it's easier and she doesn't have a place to nap there. i suppose we could have taken the pack n play - maybe next time.

wondering if i'll make it until 10 to watch Breaking Bad - if not can catch it on Demand later so not a big deal. such a good show.

ok - i'm getting tired of typing.

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