Thursday, April 9, 2009

would you like to swing on a star?

I finally had a shower last night - only because I had to go out :) I had to go get milk and a "treat" for the Playgroup Easter Potluck.

I went to the Superstore and took my time browsing the clothes - even tried a bunch of stuff on but I grabbed all size 4 and everything was too big and I didn't feel like going back around to find the size 2 stuff - maybe tonight.

So wow - size 2 in Joe which is probably size 4 in regular stores. I now weigh the least I've weighed since highschool but I'm not in shape. I'm flabby and loose and my legs have that weird hollow skin stretched over bone look around the knees. I need to start taking better care of myself. So hard...

Got some more clothes for Mags and Nate - I love the Joe stuff for kids - so cute and so far it seems to last just as well as the more expensive brands.

I totally lost track of time while I was there and made it home just in time for Lost so I had to get up at 6:30am to bake my cake. At least Mags slept through the night.

At playgroup today Maggie had a huge poop while sleeping in her car seat - so gross. I didn't notice until I picked her up and got it all over my arm. There was a pool in her seat...I always have a change of clothes for her but it was in the buckles and everything. Time for size 4 diapers I think.

I never imagined my life would be this full of poop. Jay and my dinner conversations now revolve around it. We tend to overshare with everyone (as witnessed by this post :) but it is a seemingly integral part of our life. Jay and I pretty much have a competition going to see who has changed the grossest poop. I'm winning by a landslide.

Lost was so good last night. Wed is def my favourite day of the week.

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  1. Looking forward to watching Lost tonight. I'm glad the package arrived and the sizes are OK. It was the cutest store. Had to restrain myself. Happy Easter.