Friday, April 10, 2009

how i wonder what you are

Waiting for Friday Night Lights...

Home alone - well the kids are here but they're in bed. Jay is on eve's.

Not a bad day. I got a little organizing done, a little purging (in prep for a yard sale) done, took Nate (and Mags) to the park for a little bit.

Have spent most of the evening going through my old decorating magazines for fireplace ideas since the new gas install is going to wreck the beautiful (i mean gag me its so horrid) tile and mantle that currently surrounds it. Of course I know I will also want to replace the floors after...

After my shower today (yep thats two days in a row now) I envisioned the perfect reno for the ensuite.

My mind never stops - especially when it comes to house stuff.

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  1. Thought you might be in Deacon. I hear you on the house stuff. We're working on installing our flat screen TV. It's going on the wall above the fireplace. We're mounting in on a huge piece of plywood which we stained a dark walnut yesterday. It will make it more secure and also allow us to actually centre the TV on the wall. Then we have to run the wires from the Tivo/dvd/stereo through the wall to come out behind the TV. Much cursing will no doubt ensue.