Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity

Just got the kids Easter baskets stuffed. This is actually the first year we are doing Easter. When Nate was born we sort of agreed we would skip all of the holidays (with the exception of Christmas) until we sort of had to take part.

Other than a photo op - going all out for holiday's with an infant is well, lets face it, kind of pointless. Plus we figured we'd save money on that sort of thing while we could.

But, now Nate is old enough to "get" the concept (of Santa and the Easter Bunny etc.) a little bit and its super fun. Though the only reason I got Mags a basket is so Nate knows that the Easter Bunny is an equal opportunist. Hopefully he won't notice hers is sadly lacking compared to his.

My parents (well, my mom) always got us small gifts and things we needed in addition to chocolate and we've decided to carry on the tradition. So they are also each getting a book and I threw in some sidewalk chalk and bubbles for Nate. They are also both getting some spring/summer clothes.

I can remember one Easter in particular where Jess and I both got back-packs filled with spring clothes. I was particularly thrilled to get harem pants that year. Remember those horid borderline jogging pants that were baggy on top and skinny at the bottom? Must have been around 1986. Thought I was soo cool. hee hee.

Well, I think I'll leave the egg trail until tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I have a feeling that the cats will be batting them around all night.

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