Monday, April 13, 2009

hot potato hot potato, mashed bannana mashed bannana

I was folding laundry with Mags and i realized that if you were to assess our family's economic standing by our towels you would think we were destitute.

First, there is the giant beach towel (I use to lay on the bathroom floor for the kids after the tub) that my Aunt Judie got me somewhere between the ages of 7 and 10 making it at least 21 years old (I actually have two because I inhereited my sisters as well) they are close to threadbear but for some reason i can't get rid of them.

Second, there are my two hair towels that I took from home when I went away to school. They were probably a good 5 years old at that point making them at least 14 years old. They are falling apart and hair dye stained but i have yet to find another towel that comes close to replacing them. they are super soft and absorbant yet not so thick that your head gets weighed down after you twist it up turban style.

Then there is the large fluffy red Martha Stewart towel that Jess and i each bought when we shared our apartment on Baseline when she first moved down to go to school. That towel is now about 10 to 12 years old.

Our newest towels (other than some odds and ends that Jay got for going away to basic and Kingston and some military issue army green ones) are from our wedding, which was 7 years ago.

Its not that we can't afford new towels, I had some in my cart at the Superstore just last week. But I like our old beat up towels and, the wedding ones are still in good enough shape to let guests use. I just couldn't justify the expense.

Our bed sheets follow a similar story. Maybe when we re-do the ensuite I'll get some new linens.

My mom came down last night for dinner and a quick visit - she left this morning. God bless her.

Tonight we're heading to Aunt Judie's for dinner.

Hope everyone had a good Easter.

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  1. I swear I posted a comment on Saturday's post but it's not there anymore. Weird. Anyway, had a good Easter. I find good towels are hard to find. Many of them are too big for me, especially for hair towels. Drives me nuts.